Drawing Specifications

Before we can ask the laser cutter to begin work, we need to produce a CAD file, (computer aided design file). This file provides specific instructions that the laser cutting machine understands, and can be produced in a variety of software applications. Some of our customers do not have CAD experience, or have access to the necessary software to produce such files. This section is a guide for those that do, and provides information on what we need from you before we can begin you laser cutting or laser engraving project.

If on the other hand, you want us to handle this work for you, feel free to skip this section and read about our ‘Design Service‘.

File formats

Vector Files : AI, EPS, PDF, CDR, SVG, DXF, DWG.

Image Files : JPG, PNG, BMP, PSD, PDF, TIFF.

Set up

Laser Cutting

Red hairline (0.01pt). RGB 255,0,0. Vector file.

Raster Engraving

Black lines or fills. RGB 0,0,0. Vector file.

Vector Engraving / Scoring

Blue hairline (0.01pt). RGB 0,0,255. Vector file.

Photo Engraving

Grey scale image. Minimum 300 DPI. Image File.

Nesting components

How to nest your drawings | Etch and Cut | Laser Cutting
How to nest your drawings | Etch and Cut | Laser Cutting

If you require multiple elements cutting from the same sheet material, ‘nesting’ your items in advance will cut down on our set up time, and of course limit unnecessary material wastage. For all ‘non metal’ materials, our maximum cutting bed dimensions are 1200mm x 900mm, (however, our machine has a 1200mm pass through allowing us to work on longer sheet materials with a 1200mm maximum width).

For sheet metal materials, the maximum bed size is 3000mm x 1500mm. Please visit the ‘materials’ page for more information on what we can work with.