Laser Cut Stencils

We regularly produce custom made laser cut stencils from a variety of materials such as steel, aluminium, mylar, acrylic and even MDF. Laser cutting stencils requires a good understanding of which materials will work the best for each application.

For example, Salford Council wanted to run a street marketing campaign, applying graphics to various floor spaces around the area. After understanding their brief, we produced a set of stencil designs laser cut from 2mm thick galvanised steel. This material was perfect for their needs as each stencil would be used multiple times and in demanding environments. Laser cut steel stencils are hardwearing and galvanized steel will not rust and is relatively cheap.

Opposite to that, was a requirement from DLS stillages in Wigan. They produce custom made steel stillages and pallets for the car manufacturing industry. Their requirement was for a laser cut stencil that would be used a few times and needed to be lightweight and flexible. We decided to use Mylar which is a low profile, very flexible and very cheap material.

Designing a stencil can be a challenge too. Of course, we need to make sure that the design will make sense as an interlinked image and be legible to the viewer. When it comes to producing custom made stencils, we have experience of making stencils for many applications and processes.

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