Chill Bespoke Furniture – Scotty Cameron Project

We have recently helped Cameron Hill, (owner of Chill Bespoke Furniture in Lancashire), to complete a private commission that required laser engraving. Chill Bespoke Furniture are a high end woodworking studio focusing upon the bespoke furniture market.

Their customer required a custom golf apparatus stand, especially to hold the products of Scotty Cameron, an american, specialist golf equipment supplier.

The golf stand was cut, machined and turned, (to suit the clients requirement, from solid oak sections. We helped Chill Bespoke to brand the stand with the logo of Scotty Cameron by laser engraving the oak back board.

Oak engraves extremely well, and the resins in the wood leave a sharp, dark contrast when laser engraved. To find out more about Chill Bespoke Furniture, visit their website