Sowerby Bridge Railway Station

The ‘Friends of Sowerby Bridge’ railway station recently commissioned us to design and make a series of steel artworks for the platform of their station. Sowerby Bridge is a beautiful railway station in West Yorkshire which has been well well cared for by the friends group.

The station itself has many beautiful architectural features, planted areas, artworks and original old advertising signs. There is even a craft ale and coffee shop to top things off!

Sowerby bridge is a wonderful little market town that lies beside the River Calder, and one curious feature of the town is the many ‘Embden’ geese that wander around the riverside and town centre.

To celebrate these feathered inhabitants that have made the town quite famous, the Friends of Sowerby Bridge Station. asked Etch and Cut to design and make a range of painted steel geese.

These laser cut steel artworks were hand painted and now reside all along the station platform. The geese were great fun to make and really do add to the overall quirkiness and beauty of the station.

They really have been a hit, and if you get the chance, pop by and have a gander!

Sorry, couldn’t help it!