Laser Etched Stainless Steel Plaques

Laser engraving stainless steel for memorial plaques, information panels, wayfinding totems and interpretation plates; has been a large part of our work for quite some time.

External grade stainless steel is the material of choice for public spaces as it is corrosion resistant, extremely hard wearing and relatively inexpensive.

Our CO2 and Fibre laser machines can leave a beautiful black mark on the steel, which is permanent and contrasts beautifully with the material. We can also handle panels of varying sizes, and have completed many projects for the public realm, both big, small and in volume quantities.

Laser etching stainless steel ID plates and tags for industry is also a large part of our business. Again, engraved stainless steel is very robust and durable in demanding industrial environments.

Producing wayfinding plaques, interpretation panels, laser cut artwork and simple name plaques for the public space is also one of our specialities. We have worked on large scale public art projects in the past, (as you will see from the images on our home page), as well as small projects for local community groups.

This article does focus upon stainless steel, however we do laser etch other metals for the public space such as brass, chrome plated steel, anodised aluminium and aluminium alloys.

Whatever your project and application, we can deliver steel panels and plaques suitable for any environment. Get in touch >