We can laser cut, and laser engrave a wide variety of materials. These can either be supplied by us, or if you prefer you can supply your own. All materials possess their own unique physical properties, and in turn respond differently to the laser cutting process. Therefore, we sometimes need to produce test samples first to ensure that we will achieve the final desired result. We are happy to help you select the most suitable material, thickness and approach for your project, making sure that it is fit for purpose and cost effective.

Listed below are a range of the most commonly used materials in laser cutting and laser engraving, (and ones that we can work with). 

If you want to use a material that is not listed below, we may still be able to help you, so please feel free to ‘contact us‘.

Laser cut acrylic | Laser engraved acrylic | Etch and Cut


Acrylic sheet is available in a wide variety of colours, textures, finishes and thicknesses, (including opaque, semi-opaque and clear). There are a few suppliers around, but for a good idea of what is available visit

Laser engraved acrylic laminate | Etch and Cut

Engravable Laminates

Engravable laminates are an acrylic sheet item, but they have a thin veneer face applied over a solid coloured core. Engraving through the face layer exposes the solid core resulting in a sharp contrast. A low cost alternative for plaques and labels.

Laser cut plastics | Laser Engraved Plastics | Etch and Cut

Other Plastics and Foam

We can work with a variety of plastics and foam including ABS, Styrene (HIPS), Corian, Polypropylene, PETG, Mylar and Zotefoam. Contact us to check, (we cannot accept any materials with Chlorine content such as PVC).

Laser cut plywood | Laser engraved plywood | Etch and Cut

Birch Plywood

Birch plywood is a high strength, laminated sheet material. Not all plywood's can be safely laser cut due to the adhesives used in lamination. Laser grade birch plywood is made with a 'MR' glue line and typically has a 'BB' surface grade.

Laser cut wood | Laser engraved wood | Etch and Cut

Solid Woods and Veneers

Solid woods such as oak, walnut, cherry, pine and beech look very beautiful when cut and engraved. However, a maximum cut thickness of solid woods is around 5-6mm. Laserable veneer sheet materials with an MDF core are also available.

Laser cut MDF - Etch and Cut


MDF is a low cost yet versatile sheet material, most commonly used for applications that will be eventually coated. We can cut up to 9mm using our laser, with thicker grades preferably CNC routed, a service that we can arrange for you.

Engraved slate | Engraved ceramics | Etch and Cut

Slate, Stone and Ceramics

We cannot cut these materials, but we can engrave them. The laser beam alters the surface layer of the material, (especially good for slate). Alternatively, we can apply a special coating that the laser fuses to the surface. Water jet cutting can be arranged for you if required.

Engraved glass - Etch and Cut


Glass is another material that our laser cannot cut, but we can engrave it using the same techniques used in engraving slate, stone and ceramics. Results can vary dependent upon the glass type, but some really beautiful frosted designs can be achieved.

Laser cut metal | Metal engravers | etch and cut


Cutting sheet metal cannot be achieved using a 'CO2' laser, so we use a trusted supplier to do this for us using a 'fiber' laser source. We can engrave metals using our CO2 laser, applying permanent hard wearing images and text.

Laser cut fabric | Laser cut leather | Engraving | Etch and Cut

Fabric and Leather

Laser cutting fabrics has become very popular in the fashion industry. Intricate patterns and designs can be cut and engraved into a variety of natural and synthetic materials, (test samples can be provided). We can also make rubber stamps.

Laser cut paper | Laser cut card | Laser cut board | Etch and Cut

Paper and Card

Of course, there are many types, colours and weights of paper and card available, and the laser cutter makes light work of rendering intricate designs and text on these materials. Perfect for marketing displays, artwork and weddings etc.

Laser Labelling | Food marketing | Etch and Cut


Because we can achieve very accurate and controlled burning using our laser, why not use it on food? We can support your marketing events and product branding by lasering text and images onto a variety of foodstuffs.

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