Laser Cut Cardboard Sculpture, Lancaster Priory

Etch and Cut were recently commissioned to help produce two wonderful laser cut cardboard sculptures destined for Lancaster Priory. Working with Tara and her colleagues from Patrick Wilson Architects, (based in Wigan), we laser cut hundreds of cardboard sections to help build up the three-dimensional forms of two female figures, (named Sophia).

Each section had to be laser etched as well as cut to ensure the perfect registration of each piece, (assembled and supported on a wooden dowel armature). The modelling was produced on 3D editing software, then painstaking spliced to allow us to build the form in 2D slices.

We really relish being asked to part of such inspiring and innovative projects. Coming from creative background ourselves, we understand the possibilities digital design can bring to such endeavours, and the amount of hard work Tara and her colleagues at Patrick Wilson must have put in. You can see the sculptures on display at Lancaster priory, (website details below).