Laser Cutting Wood and Engraving Wooden Products

Laser cutting and etching wooden products is a big part of our day-to-day work, and we handle a variety of projects for our customers, (from hospitality, personalised gifts, custom artwork and much more).

From softwoods, plywood’s, MDF, hardwoods and laminates; wood laser engraves very well,(especially hardwoods which look especially beautiful)!

Laser cutting wood allows a level of intricacy superior to traditional CNC milling, (although, we must concede that timber thicknesses over 9mm tend to render better in the milling environment). We make custom made wooden products for a variety of customers, from artists and designers, online gift shop owners (personalised products go down very well), and large companies who commission us to make sections for their production lines.

Laser cut and etched items for the hospitality industry are quite popular, such as branded menu holders, signage, clothes hangers and tableware being a staple of our work. Interior design projects are also popular such as decorative screening, wall art and murals, (our CAD design service can also help to bring designs through from paper to production ready files).Weddings and events are a good example of where the customer can have specially created gifts laser cut and etched from wood, that elevate their event to another level.

We even have our own Etsy shop now to offer customers some ‘off the shelf’ items that can be personalised or branded to their requirements. Visit our shop >

If you have a project in mind, we would love to hear from you.